Essence Peace-Love

Certified Life-Purpose Coach

My mission

      My Sacred Warrior was created for heARTists who have a deep, inner pull to find their purpose and manifest a life of infinite abundance!! YOU are the abundance! It is my purpose to align you with the essence of your abundance - your heART - your talents - your skills and natural abilities - your essence - your spirit - your purpose. It is my purpose to help turn those life lessons into BLESSONS using the medium of art(s) you strongly connect with!

I am here to re-mind you of the artist you were born to be!

     Peace, my name is Essence Imani Peace-Love. Essence meaning the root; the core; our inner being. Imani meaning faith -- our most inner knowing. Peace meaning inner stillness. Love meaning the action we take to remain in alignment with the pure essence of our inner being. 


     I am a Life Purpose Coach, an aid in healing, and an ARTreprenuer originally from Saint Louis, Missouri. Graduating from Crossroads College Preparatory School was my ticket OUT of St.Louis. In GrAttitude, I shifted to Los Angeles, California, and spent 2 semesters at the American Musical & Dramatics Academy. In 2015, I transformed into a Georgia Peach and submitted my application to SCAD University. I was gratefully accepted WITH a scholarship; however, my spirit guided me in a different direction. (DISCLAIMER) I'm not encouraging ANYONE to disregard being a student (for every teacher is also a student). In fact, I remained a student even though I didn't go to a University. I just didn't go the route everyone else thought was the right plan for MY path. To grow at any craft, you have to continuously water your seeds. I do plan to realign with school (SCAD specifically) for the experience and to network. There were some things my Spirit needed me to do first which includes starting this movement. Spirit told me I'd be too busy to start on this once my career jumps off. So I'm creating this system now so that I can connect with every artist in the industry in need of my services. 

     Since I turned down my scholarship from SCAD I have experienced multiple spiritual awakenings that have all brought me closer to my essence and all my spiritual gifts. Not only do I do art, I AM ART! I am self-educated in the spiritual arts (acting, singing, dancing, yoga, astronomy, astrology, and psychology). I have spent the last 4 years strengthening my gifts and falling into alignment with my Divine purpose. When you are aligned with the Divine everything happens when it's supposed to.

      As most of us know, this industry can be a beast. So I highly suggest to build a healthy STRONG foundation with your spirit FIRST before stepping into the industry. Align with a mentor to be your guide so that you are making wise decisions that compliment your path. Even if it's not with My Sacred Warrior LLC community, may it be with whomever your Spirit feels most secured. 


         My Sacred Warrior... are you ready to manifest your abundance?